Airbus A340 Wide-body "1991"

The Airbus A340 is a long-range, wide-body passenger jet airliner that was developed and produced by the European aerospace company Airbus. In the mid-1970s,

Airbus A340 Wide-body "1991"

Role Wide-body jet airliner
National origin Multi-national
Manufacturer Airbus
First flight 25 October 1991; 29 years ago
Introduction 15 March 1993; 28 years ago with Lufthansa & Air France
Status In service
Primary users Lufthansa / Mahan Air
South African Airways / Swiss International Air Lines
Produced 1991–2011
Number built 380 (377 delivered to airlines)
Developed from Airbus A300


Airbus A340 Wide-body "1991"

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Airbus A340 Wide-body " "1991"

The Airbus A340 is a long-range, wide-body passenger jet airliner that was developed and produced by the European aerospace company Airbus. In the mid-1970s, Airbus conceived several derivatives of the A300, its first airliner, and developed the A340 quadjet in parallel with the A330 twinjet. In June 1987, Airbus launched both designs with their first orders and the A340-300 took its maiden flight on 25 October 1991. It was certified along with the A340-200 on 22 December 1992 and both versions entered service in March 1993 with launch customers Lufthansa and Air France. The larger A340-500/600 were launched on 8 December 1997, the A340-600 flew for the first time on 23 April 2001 and entered service on 1 August 2002.


The Airbus A340 is a twin-aisle passenger airliner, the first long-range Airbus,[67] powered by four turbofan jet engines.[68] It was developed upon earlier Airbus aircraft and their features like the A320 glass cockpit; it shares many components with the A330, notably identical fly-by-wire control systems and similar wings.[16][69] Its features and improvements were usually shared with the A330.[70] The four engines configuration avoided the ETOPS constraints such as more frequent inspections.

The A340 has a low cantilever wing; the A340-200/300 wing is virtually identical to that of the A330, with both engine pylons used while only the inboard one is used on the A330. The two engines for each wing provide a more distributed weight; and a more outboard engine weight for a lower wing root bending moment at equal TOW, allowing a higher wing limited MTOW for more range


Air Belgium BelgiumAir Belgium Airbus A340-313 OO-ABD taxiing at JFK Airport.jpg 3   
AirBlue PakistanAIrBlue A340-300 AP-EDE IST 27-Nov-2012.jpg 2   
Air Bourbon FranceAirbus A340-211, Air Bourbon AN0390116.jpg1   Ceased operations in 2004
Transferred to Air Europa
Air Canada CanadaAir Canada Airbus A340-300 Monty.jpg 132 A340-500 transferred to TAM Airlines
Air China ChinaAir China A340-300(B-2385) (4215100969).jpg 7  More in Wikipedia

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-500/600 larger variants
In 1991, the A340-400X was a simple 12-frame, 20 ft 10 in (6.35 m) -300 stretch from 295 to 335 passengers with the MTOW bumped from 553,360 to 588,600 lb (251 to 267 t) and the range decreased by 1,390 to 10,930 km (750 to 5,900 nmi).[42] CFM International was then set to develop for $1–1.5 billion a new engine between the 150 kN (34,000 lbf) CFM56 and the 315–400 kN (70–90,000 lbf) GE90.[43] In 1994, Airbus was studying a heavier A340 Advanced with a reinforced wing and 178 kN (40,000 lbf) engines: the Pratt & Whitney advanced ducted propulsor, CFM International CFMXX or Rolls Royce RB411, to allow from 1996 a -300 stretch for 50 more passengers over the same range, a -300 with the -200 range and a -200 with more range.[44] In 1995, the A340-400 was slated for 2000, seating 380 passengers with a 300 t (660,000 lb) take-off weight.


Crew 2 Passengers typ. 380, max. 440
Propulsion 4 Turbofan Engines
Engine Model Rolls-Royce Trent 556-61
Engine Power (each) 260,2 kN 58500 lbf
Wing Span 63,45 m 208 ft 2 in
Length 75,30 m 247 ft 1 in
Height 17,30 m 56 ft 9 in

Speed 915 km/h 494 kts 568 mph
Mmo (max. Mach) Mach 0.86
Service Ceiling 12.634 m 41.450 ft
Range 14.599 km 7.883 NM 9.072 mi.
Empty Weight 240.000 kg 529.109 lbs
max. Takeoff Weight 368.000 kg 811.300 lbs
max. Landing Weight 259.000 kg 570.997 lbs

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There were 425 A350 aircraft in service with 39 operators and 49 customers as of May 2021. The largest operators were Singapore Airlines (55), Qatar Airways (53), Cathay Pacific (41), Lufthansa (17), Finnair (16), Ethiopian Airlines (16), Delta Air Lines (15), Vietnam Airlines (14), China Airlines (14) and other airlines operating fewer of the type.

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