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The Boeing Business Jet series are variants of Boeing jet airliners for the corporate jet market.


Boeing 737-700 PH-Gov


The first BBJ is based on the 737-700 with a stronger wing and landing gear from the 737-800. Auxiliary belly fuel tanks extend range, over 6,000 nmi (11,000 km) with nine tanks (500 lb (230 kg) empty each), but most operators install five auxiliary fuel tanks to fly up to 5,400 nmi (10,000 km). In 2002, the -800-based BBJ2 offered a 25% larger cabin with a similar range with five tanks, with the 2009 BBJ3 based on the 737-900. Aviation Partners winglets gave the BBJ 5% more range. A standard, retractable forward airstair allows for autonomous operations at remote airports. Early interiors were way over the 13,000 lb (5.9 t) allowance and the BOWs reached 104,000–8,000 lb (47,200–3,600 kg) over spec, but newer interiors can be 25% lighter for 99,000–100,000 lb (45–45 t) empty weights.

BBJ, or less frequently BBJ1, is based on the 737-700, and formed the basis for the 737-700ER. This was the initial variant. In United States Navy service, this is known as the C-40B Clipper.

BBJ2 is based on the 737-800.

BBJ3 is based on the 737-900ER.

BBJ MAX 8 and BBJ MAX 9 are variants of the Boeing 737 MAX 8 and 9 with new CFM LEAP-1B engines and advanced winglets providing 13% better fuel burn; the BBJ MAX 8 will have a 6,325 nmi (11,710 km) range and the BBJ MAX 9 a 6,255 nmi (11,580 km) range. The BBJ MAX 7 was unveiled in October 2016 and will have a 7,000 nmi (12,960 km) range, with 10% lower operating costs than the original BBJ while having a longer cabin and more under-floor baggage space. The MAX BBJ 8 first flew on April 16, 2018, and will reach 6,640 nmi (12,300 km) with an auxiliary fuel tank. It was first delivered by mid-October.


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The Boeing 737BBJ (Boeing Business Jet) is equipped with a luxurious interior with 24 seats. Members of the royal family, politicians and other dignitaries who will use the Boeing will have 12 seats in the VIP area at their disposal. The remaining seats are intended for traveling staff members.

Boeing 737-700 PH-GOV

The new government plane, a Boeing 737 with registration PH-GOV, has been spotted in full form for the first time. The aircraft was flown bare from the Boeing factory in Seattle to Woensdrecht airbase, and was recently painted in Ostrava.

  • History

    Role Business jet

    Manufacturer Boeing Commercial Airplanes

    First flight September 4, 1998

    Introduction 1999

    Produced 1998–present

    Number built 237 (as of December 31, 2018) (including BBJ1, BBJ2, BBJ3, 747BBJ, 757BBJ, 767BBJ, 777BBJ & 787BBJ)


  • Primary Users


    Cabin 884 sq ft / 82.1 m² 1,025 sq ft / 95.2 m² 1,120 sq ft / 104.1 m²

    Cargo 274 cu.ft / 7.8 m³ 654 cu.ft / 18.5 m³ 821 cu.ft /23.2 m³

    Length 116 ft 8 in / 35.56 m 129 ft 8 in / 39.52 m 138 ft 4 in / 42.16 m

    Span × Height 117 ft 10 in / 35.92 m × 40 ft 4 in / 12.3 m


  • Specifications

    Fuel capacity 10,464 US gal (39,611 l) 10,470 US gal (39,633 l) 11,005 US gal (41,658 l)

    Engines (2×) CFM International LEAP

    Range (8 pax) 7,000 nmi (12,964 km) 6,640 nmi (12,297 km) 6,515 nmi (12,066 km)



737-700 BBJ PH-Gov


Het nieuwe regeringsvliegtuig, een Boeing 737 met registratie PH-GOV, is voor het eerst in vol ornaat gespot. Het toestel werd kaal vanaf de Boeing-fabriek in Seattle naar vliegbasis Woensdrecht gevlogen, en werd onlangs in Ostrava voorzien van een verflaag.


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