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Turkish Republic One is the call sign of Turkish Airline aircraft VQ-BSK carrying the President of the Turkey.


 Turkish Republic One



The government of Turkey has a VIP fleet which is maintained by Turkish Airlines for and on behalf of the President of the Republic. The fleet consists of two Airbus A319CJs, a highly modified and armed (with air defense missiles) Airbus A330-200 Prestige, an Airbus A340-500 High Gross Weight registered TC-CAN (can means life in Turkish) bought from the Tunisian Government after President Ben Ali (who originally ordered the plane to replace the Boeing BBJ) was ousted, and a highly modified and armed Boeing 747-8 which was formerly owned by the royal family of Qatar. The fleet additionally contains two Gulfstream G550s, two Gulfstream GIVs and two Cessna Citation Vs. When the President of the Turkish Republic is on board any aircraft, the call-sign is "Turkish Republic One". The Turkish President also has several Airbus Military A-400Ms which are used to transport the Presidential limousines and Turkish Secret Service Counter Attack Teams. Some A-400Ms can also provide aerial refueling for the Presidential fleet



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“The presidential palace calls on the people of Turkey to save on almost daily basis. But the same people who call for belt-tightening measures cannot give up on luxury and ostentation,.”

Qatar and Turkey have a pretty close relationship, and in particular given Qatar’s current political situation with neighbors, I imagine they value their relationship with Turkey more than ever before.

While this $400 million jet is obviously quite a nice gift, it’s not exactly cheap to operate.

Turkish Republic One

Turkish Republic One

As you might expect, this 747-8 had a ridiculous interior. This plane, with the tail number VQ-BSK, was delivered in December 2012, then the interior was completed in December 2014, and the aircraft finally entered service in January 2015. So the plane has only been in service for a bit over three years, and hasn’t flown all that much during that time.

  • Boeing 747-8 BBF Super Jumbo

    Role Wide-body jet airliner

    National origin United States

    Manufacturer Boeing Commercial Airplanes


  • Primary User

    First flight 747-8F: February 8, 2010

    747-8I: March 20, 2011

    Introduction 747-8F: October 12, 2011, with Cargolux

    747-8I: June 1, 2012, with Lufthansa

    Status In service


  • Specifications

    Produced 2008–present

    Number built 135 as of July 2019

    Unit cost

    747-8I: US$418.4M, 747-8F: US$419.2M as of 2019

    Developed from Boeing 747-400

    Variants Boeing VC-25B


Turkish Republic One


Turkish Republic One is the call sign of any Turkish Airline aircraft carrying the President of Turkey.


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