The Douglas Aircraft Company was an American aerospace manufacturer based in Southern California. It was founded in 1921 by Donald Wills Douglas Sr.
and later merged with McDonnell Aircraft in 1967 to form McDonnell Douglas, when.

McDonnell/Douglas Aircraft

The McDonnell Aircraft Corporation (later known as McDonnell Company) was an American aerospace manufacturer based in St. Louis, Missouri. The company was founded on July 6, 1939, by James Smith McDonnell, and was best known for its military fighters, including the F-4 Phantom II, and manned spacecraft including the Mercury capsule and Gemini capsule. McDonnell Aircraft later merged with the Douglas Aircraft Company to form McDonnell Douglas in 1967.


James McDonnell founded J.S. McDonnell & Associates in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, in 1928 to produce a personal aircraft for family use. The economic depression from 1929 ruined his plans and the company collapsed. He went to work for Glenn L. Martin. He left in 1938 to try again with his own firm, McDonnell Aircraft Corporation, based at St. Louis, Missouri in 1939.[4]

World War II was a major boost to the new company. It grew from 15 employees in 1939 to 5,000 at the end of the war and became a significant aircraft parts producer, and developed the XP-67 Bat fighter prototype.[5] McDonnell also developed the LBD-1 Gargoyle guided missile McDonnell Aircraft suffered after the war with an end of government orders and a surplus of aircraft, and heavily cut its workforce. The advent of the Korean War helped push McDonnell into a major military fighter supply role.

An FH-1 Phantom in 1948

In 1943, McDonnell began developing jets when they were invited to bid in a US Navy contest and eventually built the successful FH-1 Phantom in the postwar era

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The company was founded by Donald Wills Douglas Sr. on July 22, 1921 in Santa Monica, California, following dissolution of the Davis-Douglas Company.

Founded: July 22, 1921; 99 years ago

Country:   USA

Type:  Aircraft manufacturer

Role:  Aircraft builder

Douglas DC-2 / Douglas DC-3 / 
Douglas DC-4
Douglas DC-5 / Douglas DC-6 / 
Douglas DC-7
Douglas DC-8 / Douglas DC-9 / 
Douglas DC-10
Douglas MD-11 / Douglas MD-83 / Boeing 717/MD83
CH-47 Skytrooper / Douglas KC-10 Extender /
Douglas World Cruiser

Douglas YC-15 / Douglas C-74 / Douglas C-124
Douglas C-133 / Douglas C-53 / Douglas C54
Douglas C-118 / Douglas KDC-10A Extender

Douglas Dauntless / Douglas A-20 Havoc
Douglas A-26 Invader / Douglas AD-1 Skyraider
McDonnell FH Banshee / McDonnell  FH1 Phantom I
Douglas A-4 Skyhawk / Douglas A-3 Skywarrior
Douglas F-4E Phantom II / Douglas F3H Demon
Douglas B-66 Destroyer / Douglas F-101 Voodoo
Douglas A2D  / Skyshark Douglas X-31 Stiletto

The Douglas Aircraft Company was an American aerospace manufacturer based in Southern California

Size 12.757 personnel, 

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Douglas C-133A Cargomaster

The Douglas C-124 Globemaster II,

nicknamed “Old Shaky”, is a retired American heavy-lift cargo aircraft built by the Douglas Aircraft Company in Long Beach, California.

Douglas SBD Dauntless

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