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The MD Helicopters MD 600N is a light utility civilian helicopter designed in the United States.


Hughes MD 600"NOTAR"


McDonnell Douglas Helicopter Systems (MD Helicopters since 1999) first announced it was developing a stretched MD 520N in late 1994, at that time designated the MD 630 The prototype, a modified MD 530F, had made its first flight on November 22, 1994. McDonnell Douglas gave the go-ahead for the production aircraft, redesignated the MD 600N, in March 1995.


McDonnell Douglas stretched the MD 520N fuselage by inserting a plug aft of the cockpit/cabin bulkhead and stretching the NOTAR tail boom. The larger fuselage allows for an extra (middle) row of seats. Other differences compared with the MD 520N include a new six blade main rotor (the MD 520N has a five blade unit) and an uprated Allison (now Rolls-Royce) Model 250 turboshaft.


The prototype was modified to MD 600N standard with a production standard engine and tail boom and flew in November 1995, followed the next month by the first MD 600N production prototype. Certification was awarded on May 15, 1997, and deliveries began that June.


Following the 1997 Boeing/McDonnell Douglas' merger, Boeing sold the former MD civil helicopter lines to Netherlands-based RDM Holdings in early 1999



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 Costa Rica

Air Vigilance Service


General Directorate of Security

 United States

United States Border Patrol (retired)

Specifications (MD 600N)

Hughes MD-600 NOTAR

The MD 520N introduced a revolutionary advance in helicopter design, dispensing with a conventional anti-torque tail rotor in favor of the Hughes/McDonnell-Douglas-developed NOTAR system. Exhaust from a fan is directed through slots in the tailboom, using the Coandă effect to counteract the torque of the main rotor, and a controllable thruster at the end of the tailboom is used for yaw control.

  • History

    Role Light utility helicopter

    National origin United States

    Manufacturer McDonnell Douglas Helicopter Systems

    MD Helicopters


  • Primary User

    First flight 22 November 1994

    Status In service

    Primary user United States Border Patrol

    Produced 1995–present

    Developed from MD Helicopters MD 500
    Developed into
    Hughes MD 520 Defender

  • Production


Hughes MD 600 Series "NOTAR"


The MD Helicopters MD 600N is a light utility civilian helicopter designed in the United States


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