Marenco Swiss Helicopter

The Kopter SH09 (formerly the Marenco Swisshelicopter SKYe SH09) is a Swiss five to eight seat.

Marenco Swisshelicopter
Kopter SKYe SH09


The SH09 is a light-medium helicopter, powered by a single Honeywell HTS900 turboshaft engine. It uses a shrouded fenestron tail rotor and the main rotor features a five-bladed bearingless hub; the shrouded tail rotor has a wider diameter and a thinner chord in order to increase airflow, while design aspects such as a narrow tail boom, swept-back tips on the main rotor blades, and the shrouded tail rotor offer reduced noise. The HTS900 is rated at 1,020-shaft-horsepower, providing improved performance in hot and high conditions.


The monocoque fuselage is made from composite materials and is equipped with sliding side doors on either side along with a rear clamshell door; it incorporates a series of floor-mounted windows between the pilots' seats for additional vertical visibility. Some of the composite materials used have been produced using out of autoclave composite manufacturing from suppliers such as TenCate and Gurit. According to Marenco, inspiration for the fuselage's design was drawn from the automotive industry. It has been stated that the firm has sought to introduce the cabin volume of medium-sized twin-engine helicopters to the single-engine market.




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The SKH09 cockpit layout provides a generous field of view. A Sagem-built ICDS-8A glass cockpit suite is an integrated part of the SH09's standard avionics and instrumentation package. The rotorcraft has been designed with a condition-based maintenance policy, specifying that there should be no time between overhaul (TBO) limits on its various components and systems, including the engine; instead, maintenance is performed based upon condition, which is continuously monitored at all times by an onboard health and usage monitoring system (HUMS).

Marenco  Kopter SKYe SH09

The Kopter SH09 (formerly the Marenco Swisshelicopter SKYe SH09) is a Swiss five to eight seat, single-engine utility helicopter which is currently under development by Kopter. It is promoted by Kopter as being a clean-sheet design amongst a market sector dominated by decades-old airframe designs.

The prototype first flew on 2 October 2014.

  • History

    Role Helicopter

    National origin Switzerland

    Manufacturer Kopter

    Designer Martin Stucki

    First flight 2 October 2014

  • Primary User

    Status Under development

    Number built 3

    Program cost S₣420 million (2018)

    Unit cost

    $3.5 million (2016)


  • Production


Marenco Swisshelicopter
Kopter SKYe SH09


The Kopter SH09 (formerly the Marenco Swisshelicopter SKYe SH09) is a Swiss five to eight seat.


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