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Northrop Corporation was an American aircraft manufacturer from its formation in 1939 until its 1994 merger with Grumman to form Northrop Grumman. The company is known for its development of the flying wing design, most successfully the B-2 Spirit stealth bomber

Jack Northrop founded three companies using his name. The first was the Avion Corporation in 1928, which was absorbed in 1929 by the United Aircraft and Transport Corporation as a subsidiary named “Northrop Aviation Corporation” (and later acquired by Boeing). The parent company moved its operations to Kansas in 1931, and so Jack, along with Donald Douglas, established a “Northrop Corporation” located in El Segundo, California, which produced several successful designs, including the Northrop Gamma and Northrop Delta. However, labor difficulties led to the dissolution of the corporation by Douglas in 1937, and the plant became the El Segundo Division of Douglas Aircraft.


YA-9A • B-2 Spirit •  YB-35 •  YB-49


F-5 Freedom Fighter • F-5ETiger II •  YF-17 Cobra • F-20 Tigershark

YF-23 Black Widow II (mit McDonnell Douglas) •  F-89 Scorpion

WW2 /Trainer & Others

N-32 Raider •  P-61 Black Widow •  XP-56 •  XP-79 Flying Ram

T-38 Talon •  X-4 Bantam • RQ-4 GlobalHawk • Tacit Blue • MQ-8 Firescout

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Northrop YA-9A

Nothrop YB-35

Northrop YB-49

Norhrop B-2 Spirit

Northrop B-21 Raider

Learjet 85

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