Saab works to keep people and society safe in a complex and unpredictable world. We create innovative systems,
products and solutions at the forefront of technology to ensure that our clients have increased air security and defence capabilities.

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Saab AB (originally About this soundSvenska Aeroplan AB, later just SAAB and Saab Group) is a Swedish aerospace and defence company, founded in 1937. Saab produced automobiles from 1947 until 1990 when the automobile division was spun off as Saab Automobile, a joint venture with General Motors. The joint venture ended in 2000 when GM took complete ownership. Between 1968 and 1995 the company was in a merger with commercial vehicle manufacturer Scania-Vabis, known as Saab-Scania. The two were de-merged in 1995 by the new owners, Investor AB. Despite the demerger, both Saab and Scania share the right to use the griffin logo,[2] which originates from the coat of arms of the Swedish region of Scania

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As the original manufacturer of the Saab 340 and 2000 we have long experience of our regional aircraft fleet and are strongly committed to keeping both.

Founded: Trollhättan, Sweden (1937)

Country:   Sweden

Type:  Aircraft manufacturer

Role:  Aircraft builder

Dassault Aviation SA (French  is an international French aircraft manufacturer

Size 12.757 personnel, 

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Boeing/Saab T-7A Redhawk

Saab 340   family of 1940s and 1950s French double-deck transport aircraft produced by Bréguet Aviation. The aircraft were normally called the Deux-Ponts (Double-Decker) but it was not an official name.

Saab Scania

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