Sikorsky CH-53K Super Stallion "2015"

RoleHeavy-lift cargo helicopter
National originUnited States
ManufacturerSikorsky Aircraft
First flight27 October 2015
StatusIn production
Primary userUnited States Marine Corps
Number built18[1][2]
Developed fromSikorsky CH-53E Super Stallion

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Sikorsky CH-53K
Super Stallion "2015"

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Sikorsky CH-53K
Super Stallion "2015"

The Sikorsky CH-53K King Stallion is a heavy-lift cargo helicopter currently being produced by Sikorsky Aircraft for the United States Marine Corps (USMC). The design features three 7,500 shp (5,590 kW) engines, new composite rotor blades, and a wider aircraft cabin than previous CH-53 variants. It will be the largest and heaviest helicopter in the U.S. military. The USMC plans to receive 200 helicopters at a total cost of $25 billion. Ground Test Vehicle (GTV) testing started in April 2014; flight testing began with the maiden flight on 27 October 2015. In May 2018, the first CH-53K was delivered to the Marine Corps.


he CH-53K is a general redesign with new engines and cockpit layout. The CH-53K will use General Electric T408 (GE38-1B) engines rated at 7,500 shp (5,600 kW) each and able to fly 20 knots (37 km/h; 23 mph) faster than its CH-53E predecessor. It will feature a new digital glass cockpit with fly-by-wire controls and haptic feedback, HUMS, a new elastomeric hub system, and composite rotor blades to improve “hot and high” performance. The split torque gearbox with quill shafts started development around 2007. The gearbox assembly including rotor hub and rotating control system weighs around 11,650 lb (5,280 kg). The split torque gearbox weighs 5,270 lb (2,390 kg).For comparison, the twin-engine Mil Mi-26‘s split torque gearbox weighs 8,020 lb (3,639 kg)

        United States
  • United States Marine Corps
  • Israel

    In 2009, the Israeli Air Force (IAF) said it would evaluate the new variant after it flies.[67] In August 2015, it formalized a requirement for the CH-53K, listing the type as a “very high priority” item to enable the service to perform missions only the platform is capable of. Israel’s current CH-53 “Yasur” fleet is to remain operational until 2025.


    Japan has reportedly shown interest in the CH-53K

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Sikorsky CH-53K Super Stallion "2015"

In February 2018, Sikorsky signed an agreement valued at around 4 billion euro with Rheinmetall to team up for the German Air Force’s CH-53G heavy lift helicopter replacement program, in which the CH-53K is competing against the CH-47F Chinook offered by Boeing. The German Federal Ministry of Defence was expected to issue an official request for information in the second half of 2018, with a timeline to award a contract in 2020 and deliveries to begin in 2023 for an expected order of around 40 helicopters.

On 29 September 2020, the German Ministry of Defense cancelled the “Schwerer Transporthubschrauber” (STH) heavy-lifting helicopter program for 45 to 60 helicopters after being judged too expensive and stated that its CH-53Gs are to be replaced “in a timely manner” after the project is “reexamined”


Crew: 4
Capacity: 30 passengers or troops / 24x casualty litters 35,000 lb (15,876 kg) payload: 
Width: 17 ft 6 in (5.33 m) fuselage
Height: 28 ft 4.9 in (8.659 m) rotor and tail un-folded
Cabin Length: 30 ft (9.1 m)
Cabin Width: 8 ft 7.2 in (2.6 m)
Cabin Height: 6 ft 6 in (2.0 m)
Powerplant: 3 × General Electric T408 (GE38-1B) turboshaft engines, 7,500 shp 

Cruise speed: 170 kn (200 mph, 310 km/h)

Range: 460 nmi (530 mi, 850 km)

Combat range: 110 nmi (130 mi, 200 km)

Service ceiling: 16,000 ft (4,900 m) ISA

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The Sikorsky S-61L and S-61N are civil variants of the Sikorsky SH-3 Sea King military helicopter.