Sweizer S.333 "1988"

Role Light utility and trainer helicopter
Manufacturer Schweizer Aircraft Corporation
Sikorsky Aircraft
First flight June 14, 1988
Introduction 1992
Status Active In production
Primary users Dominican Air Force
Royal Saudi Land Forces
Produced 1988–present
Developed from Schweizer S300
Developed into MQ-8 Fire Scout
Sikorsky S-434

Kaman Helicopters

The Schweizer 330 and S333 are turbine-powered developments of the Schweizer 300 light piston-powered helicopter.

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The Schweizer 330 and S333 are turbine-powered developments of the Schweizer 300 light piston-powered helicopter. As of 2007, only the Schweizer 333 remains in production.[1] In February 2009, the 333 was rebranded as the Sikorsky S-333.[2] In 2018 the Schweizer R.S.G. bought the Schweizer Aircraft from Sikorsky Aircraft and it was rebranded as Schweizer S333 again.


Schweizer 330

In 1987, Schweizer announced development of the Schweizer 330 using the dynamic components, rotors, controls and systems of the 300C; however, it was redesigned with an all-new fuselage.[4] The first 330, converted from a 300C and powered by an Allison 250-C10A, flew on June 14, 1988. The FAA certified the aircraft in September 1992

Operational History

Schweizer 333

Schweizer 333

Shortly after the release of the 330, Schweizer began work on upgrading the dynamic components of the Schweizer 330SP. Over two years later, Schweizer released a new variant, the Schweizer 333. Featuring the newly developed dynamic systems components and new-technology rotor blades with a cambered airfoil and a larger diameter rotor, the upgraded helicopter benefited from a greater max gross weight, more useful load, more speed and more hover performance; nearly a 30% increase in performance over the 330SP. Schweizer created a kit to upgrade Model 330 and 330SP aircraft.[5]

In February 2008, an improved version of the series, the S-434 was released

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Sweizer / Sikorsky S.333 "1988"


General characteristics

Crew: 1-2

Capacity: 1-3 pax

Length: 31 ft 2 in (9.50 m) overall

Height: 11 ft 0 in (3.35 m)

Empty weight: 1,210 lb (549 kg)

Gross weight: 2,460 lb (1,116 kg)

Max takeoff weight: 2,550 lb (1,157 kg)

Powerplant: 1 × Rolls-Royce M250-C20W turboshaft engine, 235 shp (175 kW)


Cruise speed: 105 kn (121 mph, 194 km/h)

Range: 319 nmi (367 mi, 591 km)

Rate of climb: 1,380 ft/min (7.0 m/s)

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Schweizer was purchased on August 26, 2004, by Sikorsky Aircraft. The Schweizer 300/333 models fill a gap in the Sikorsky helicopter line, which is known for its medium and heavy utility and cargo helicopters.